Friday Miscellany: Houseboats and An All-Potato Diet

Word Count: 609 of a new story (!!!) and edits of novel (including the onerous process of importing everything into Scrivener).

Rating: Not great but not heartbreaking, either.

State of the Internet:

Not convinced? Here’s an excerpt from her Wikipedia page:

In 2009, [Grimes] and her then-boyfriend from Tennessee constructed a 20-foot houseboat, named the “Velvet Glove Cast in Iron,” with the intention to sail it down the Mississippi River from Minneapolis to New Orleans. The cargo included chickens, a typewriter, 20 pounds of potatoes and a gifted copy of Mark Twain’s The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. Unfortunately for Grimes and her companion, the chickens caught eastern equine encephalitis virus and perished soon into the trip. Boucher and her companion adopted the names “Veruschka” and “Zelda Xox” for the trip. Due to engine trouble and disregard for boating regulations, the journey was cut short and the houseboat and chickens were impounded. Their diet consisted of mainly potatoes.[20][21][22][23]

Enjoy, friends.


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